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Mimi Oudomvilay

Mimi Oudomvilay was born in Laos and her family migrated to Australia following the Communist takeover of her country in 1975. She has done many years of cultural and welfare work within the Laos community.

Mimi Oudomvilay: That's a different story with the kids. The kids are very much, I think from my generation to the kids they're very much, if you ask them where are you from, they'll say Australia.

Diane Giese: But you say you'd say that as well.

Mimi Oudomvilay: Yeah. But more so than them. I often asked them in the car, ‘so kids, what are you again, your Laos Australian or are you Australian.’ and they'd say, ‘mum, we were born here, we're Australian.’ (laughs) So I think it's definitely my kids' generation have identified, have more of an identity with Australia and that's where I, I suppose that's where my interest in the community lies, in maintaining some form of contact to that generation. Because my generation still, although we were only young, we still had a lot of influence, I mean we were involved.

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