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Peggy Pearson

Peggy Pearson migratred from Scotland with her husband and Children in 1961. She worked at the hostel in Cabramatta and recalls her time there.

Oh no, they all mixed. I mean even for to hold dances once a month. We used to get pieces of paper and mark them as tickets and how much it’ll cost. Take your own records and somebody played them, and you’d pay them maybe four pound or something to play these records for you, and everybody danced. The head supervisors… everybody took their turns at it, the head supervisor, and a few more made potato salad, and they made this, and they made — everything was made out of the kitchen. They went down and opened up the kitchen, got all these things, and the money that you’d paid for your ticket got the booze, and whatever. So it was all put back in; there was no profits.

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