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Krystyna Cyron

Krystyna lived through the Second World War in Poland. In 1959 she and her husband travelled to Australia via the Suez Canal. She has been a resident of Fairfield since that time.

1955. That was the first time my mother let know that she is alive and she's in Australia. And she wanted me to come out to Australia there and then. I didn't want to leave Poland never ever. My father by then already tried. My father tried actually from the age of twelve to bring me out to Germany. By then my father was re married to a German lady, very very kind and nice lady. But I never wanted to leave Poland. I just felt betrayed by my parents. May be I was too young and inexperienced to understand what the war can do to people. So I didn't want to go to Germany and I didn't want to come to Australia. At the age of eighteen nothing I just wanted to stay where I was. I felt pretty well secured. Then I married my husband.

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