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Maurie Maurandini

Maurie Maurandini's family came to Australia in the 1880's. He was a market gardener for many years before deciding to study chiropracty in America.

Maurie Maurandini: They came with an expedition. A Frenchman by the name of Marcus Peret (name not verified), he had a ship... I donít know whether it was his ship, or whether he... hired it, or it must have been his ship, I suppose.

Ron Bidwell: Thatís in the 1880ís?

Maurie Maurandini: Yeah. The um... So he got a whole lot of people that were interested in coming to Australia. Told them there was jobs out here waiting for them. Houses to go into. (laughter)

Ron Bidwell: That was to get their money, was it? For the fare.

Maurie Maurandini: Right. Now only about half of them arrived in Australia. The others were either left behind on an island or passed away or whatever.

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