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Mimi Oudomvilay

Mimi Oudomvilay was born in Laos and her family migrated to Australia following the Communist takeover of her country in 1975. She has done many years of cultural and welfare work within the Laos community.

Mimi Oudomvilay: ...thinking back now, they had lots of long walks with different people. Because in China I think you didn't trust whether, you were talking in a room whether you were being bugged or not. At that time anyway. (.. unclear ..) so I remember them going for walks a lot with Roger. Roger, was their friend from the Australian embassy. (laughs) but, we got to Hong Kong and that's when they said, we’re not going back to Laos, we’re going to Australia.

Diane Giese: First time in Hong Kong, for you?

Mimi Oudomvilay: Other than, I think, on the way in to China we stopped in Hong Kong.

Diane Giese: That was a different sort of place again.

Mimi Oudomvilay: That was different again and we had to get all the paperwork done in three, two or three days so that we could come with a visa signed.

Diane Giese: Was that easy, because you had friends in the Australian… ?

Mimi Oudomvilay: I think it was already planned and I think, even on our train trip somebody was there but we weren't you know, making sure we got there.

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