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Peggy Pearson

Peggy Pearson migratred from Scotland with her husband and Children in 1961. She worked at the hostel in Cabramatta and recalls her time there.

I thought we were going off at Melbourne then. We got off at Melbourne and looked about, and I didnít like it. It was very dark and dreary. And they called me Sheila. I said "My nameís not Sheila, itís Margaret!" (laughs) Everybody was a sheila, and I didnít know it. Talk about being a foreigner! But um, then we came up here and it was uh... Everybody was running about with woollen jumpers and things on, and we were coming from a cold country, and it was March, April. We left the twenty-eight of March, and we arrived here on the fifth of May, so it was beginning to get in to winter, and we had just left winter. I said "Look at these people, they must feel the cold," you know ó stupid woman. And then we get into this car and I cried for weeks and weeks after it. I missed it. If I could have walked on water, I would have walked all the way back home. I hated it.

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