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Cuong Minh Vo

Cuong Minh Vo was a pilot during the Vietnam war. He was detained in re-education camps for 6 years and arrived in Australia in 1983 after escaping Vietnam

Cuong Minh Vo: ...fortunately I met one family who were in the air force base, Bien Hoa with me before who knew my wife and I and my children. And the brother served in the same unit in the air force with me in Bien Hoa, he escaped before 1975, April 1975. And the sister is still there, and I talked with her, but he dare not to reveal that you know, she knew the way to escape. And one night I talked to the father, I talked and he trust me and he said that his daughter knew very well about the way how to escape Vietnam by boat.

Diane Giese: Why didn't she escape?

Cuong Minh Vo: Because her brother is in America already. She hoped that one day the brother would sponsor the father and her whole family.

Diane Giese: So they wouldn't have to go through the whole boat experience,

Cuong Minh Vo: She didn't

Diane Giese: She didn't want to do that?

Cuong Minh Vo: No, take the risk. Because escape this means, very high-risk, very risk.

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