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Isaac Youkhana

Isaac Youkhana was born in Kirkuk , Iraq in 1935. He migrated with his wife and children to Australia in 1967 to find peace and a better future.

So when they sent me a letter I went for this appointment and I took my family and my children and went to have this appointment with the consulate. And he said, ‘okay son do you want to migrate to Australia?’ I said, ‘yes I would like to migrate to Australia.’ he said, ‘what's the reason you want to migrate to Australia?’ well I told them that really I want to go somewhere that I have a future for my children and peace, you know. Because here as you see you know, there's always wars and there's always revolutions. I can't see any future for me or for my children. So I'd better go to a country where there is a future in it.

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