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Claude Alchin

Claude moved to Fairfield as a young boy. He was involved in the CEBS movement before moving here and continued his involvement in Fairfield.

Margaret Alchin

Margaret was involved in the GFS, Girls Friendly Society and has lived in Fairfield all her life.

Manuel Alvarez

Manuel Alvarez helped establish the spanish speaking Baptist Church at Canley Vale. He is an elder in the church and has supported its activities for many years.

Jeannine Alves

Jeannine Alves is the great great grandaughter of William and Eliza Stimson. She was invloved in the Girls Brigade movement in Fairfield.

Max Anderson

Max Anderson was a policeman at Smithfield for many years. He was also involved in ship building during World War II.

Terry Apps

Terry Apps is from Fairfield. He was born in Harden, NSW and spent many years working for  the NSW Government Railways.

Diana Aspinall

Diana Aspinall attended school in Fairfield and worked as a nurse in the District Hospital.


Brian Bailey

Brian Bailey's family has had a long involvement with the NSW railways and the Fairfield area. He was apprenticed as an electrician thanks to his father.

Robert Bartholemew

Robert Bartholomew was born in Canley Vale in 1947 and has spent most of his life in the Fairfield area. He has witnessed the growth of the area and the influx of new Australian citizens into the City.

Joy Barwell

Joy Barwell has been doing work with youth and in the local community for over 30 years. She also hosts her own radio program.

Norma Buckpitt

Norma Buckpitt has been a resident of Farifield since 1955. She has been involved in many aspects of the Baptist ministry in the Fairfield area including Christian Endeavour and youth work.

Sue Bytheway

Sue Bytheway has lived in Fairfield all her life. In 1974 she joined the Police Force and has seen big improvements in the Fairfield area.


June Caines

June Caines and her husband moved to Fairfield after the war. During her 14 years as a member of the Fairfield Arts Society she has been both president and secretary.

Florence Callicott

Florence Callicott has spent her whole life in Fairfield. She has had ties with the churches in the area from their establishment and has participated in many of their activities.

Ken Chapman

Ken Chapman was born in Randwick in 1943. He has followed his families tradition of local government involment and served as a Councillor and Mayor of Fairfield.

Yvonne Clayton

Yvonne Clayton was born in Leeton. As a child she became one of the stolen generation when taken to a girls home in Cootamundra. She has been a resident of Fairfield for over 25 years.

Maria Corolla

Maria Corolla's family followed their father to Australia in 1948. Her family spent some time in Penrith before settling in Horsley Park.

Liz Coupe

Liz Coupe moved to Bonnyrigg in 1981. She has seen the area and community grow into a thriving part of Fairfield City.

Robert Crosby

Robert Crosby and his family had a dairy farm in Bossley Park. The land they once owned is now a part of Fairfield City Farm and the Western Sydney Regional Park.

Janice Crosio

Janice Crosio has a long history with the Fairfield area. Her family owned a store in Smithfield and she began her political career serving as a Councillor and Mayor of Fairfield.

James Crossan

James Crossan migrated to Australia as a soldier. He viewed the detonation of nuclear bombs during World War II and served in the Vietnam war. He was a driver for members of Parliament during his career.

Kathy Curran

Kathy Curran was born in Fairfield and attended Sacred Heart Primary School in Canley Vale. She has worked as a Librarian in many locations including her old school.

Krystyna Cyron

Krystyna Cyron lived through the Second World War in Poland. In 1959 she and her husband travelled to Australia via the Suez Canal. She has been a resident of Fairfield since that time.


Win Dale

Win Dale moved to Fairfield after she was married in 1948. She joined the Fairfield Baptist Church during its formative years and was also a part of the Crusaders group.

Thelma Daley

Thelma Daley was born in Shanghai in 1928, where she spent many of her early years. Her parents moved to Canley Vale and had a shop in Delamere St.

Walter Dalziel

Walter Dalziel was born in Sydney. He joined the Air Force in 1939 where he became a member of the ground staff. He served in Syria and was sent to New Guinea in 1942.

Dorothy Mary De Low

Dorothy De Low was born in Wembley, England in 1910. Her family travelled to Australia in !910 where her father had already purchased a home in Beaconsfield Street, Fairfield.

Pedro Diaz  (Spanish with English transcript)

Pedro Diaz was born in Santiago Chile in 1932. His interview was conducted in Spanish with the transcription supplied in English.

Beverley Donald

Beverley Donald is a resident of Fairfield. She and her husband have been active members of the Church community and Beverley has written a book on the Churches of the area.

Denis Donovan

Denis Donovan was born in Ireland. He served in the Second World War in the RAF. He was a councillor and Mayor of Fairfield during his political career.


Steve Emerson

Steve was introduced to the Fairfield area by his wife, a Lansvale resident. He volunteered for National Service aged 20, at the time of the Vietnam war.

Bill Espie

Bill Espie was born in Alice Springs. He was in the Army for six years and remained in Sydney upon completing his service. He joined the Police Force in 1961.


Kathleen Fitler

Kathleen Fitler was born in Parramatta in 1913. Her family moved to Cabramatta in 1918. She went to school in Cabramatta and attended many of the dances around the area.


William Galton

William Galton was born in 1919. He joined the Army in 1941 and had active duty in Borneo fighting the Japanese. He has fond memories of life in Fairfield.

Sheila Gillan

Sheila Gillan is of Scottish descent. She lived in Cabramatta when there was very little on the east side of the train line and there were few shops in Cabramatta itself.

Len Gould

Len was born in 1933 in Coffs Harbour. He moved to Fairfield, from Randwick, in 1955 when promoted to the new store there.

Jean Graff

Jean Graff was born in Glebe. She was 8 years old when her father built a house in Cabramatta. She has been a resident "ever since."

Leslie Grumley

Leslie Grumley worked as photography assistant after leaving school. He joined the Australian Air Force at age 18 looking for adventure.


Sargon Hallaby

Sargon Hallaby was born in Kirkuk, Iraq in 1934. His first job was with the British Air Force before being  hired as an apprentice with the Basra Petroleum Company in 1952.

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy was born in 1932 and is now a resident of Cabramatta. He left school at age 14 and 8 months to begin his working life.

Evelyn Healy

Evelyn Healy was born in Ballarat. She completed an engineering course and worked in the aircraft industry during the war. She was also a teacher at Cabramatta High School.

Isobel Howick

Isobel Howick and her family ran an egg and poultry business started by her father. She has lived in the fairfield area for most of her life and is an active volunteer at the Fairfield City Museum.

Sam Hull

Sam Hull was born in Camberwell, England. He joined the merchant navy at age 17 and served during the war. He moved to Australia in 1960.

Dave Humphries

Dave Humphries started work at a cotton mill aged 14. He moved to Mount Pritchard for the health of his son and has lived there for over 40 years.


Ernest James

Ernest (Jesse) James enlisted in the Australian Navy at age 17. During his career he made several journeys to Vung Tao during the Vietnam war.

Betty Jury

Betty Jury has spent most of her life living in the Fairfield area. As a child there were Chinese market gardens on both sides of her family's property.


Sophia Khanna

Sophia Kanna was born in Iraq. She and her husband dreamed of migrating to another country and in 1964 they were able to migrate to Australia.

Graham Kidd

Graham Kidd has worked as a teacher and principal. He found himself pleasantly surprised when he took up the position of principal at Cabramatta High School.