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New Interviews for April


Harvey Blundell

Harvey Blundell served in the Australian Army in New Guinea. During his tour he experienced some of the hardships of the war in the Pacific.

Christina Eddy

Christina Eddy was born in Tamworth and lived in Sydney until she and her husband Cliff purchased land in Fairfield. She has been a resident since and an active member of the Fairfield City Museum.

Marijan Glavocik

Father Marijan Glavocik is the head of the Roman Catholic church of the Croatian Community. He came to Australia when the church was consecrated in 1985.

George Lee

George Lee’s family ran a tannery in Smithfield. He attended Smithfield Public School and also took part in concerts held during the war.

Ken Morris

Ken Morris used to be in the Fairfield Younger Set. He used to go swimming near Swingy Bridge and catch prawns in the river there.

Shirley Rengger

Shirley Rengger was 15 when the Japanese attacked Sydney Harbour. Her father was an air raid marshall during the war in the Moorebank area.