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Bill Espie

Bill Espie was born in Alice Springs. He was in the Army for six years and remained in Sydney upon completing his service. He joined the Police Force in 1961.

Bill Espie: Well in those days it was six weeks initial training and then one day a week for a year. So that's the way they used to do it back in ‘61.

Shirley McLeod : And the initial training was also shooting?

Bill Espie: You're shooting, and law..

Shirley McLeod : Hmm. And typing?

Bill Espie: And typing down at Harris Street in the Ultimo, typing. With your fingers underneath a cover that you couldn't see and couldn't cheat. But they didn't want much, they only wanted .. can't remember now .. but it was some paltry amount of 20 words a minute or something like that.

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